Let There be Light!

After much ado about nothing . . . because we’re in an old wonky farmhouse, the solatube installer didn’t think he’d be able to install the solatube because the garage roof overlapped the kitchen roof. I told him there was an attic space, and I was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem to install the tube. I think he could tell by the look on my face that I was determined to have that solatube installed.

It reminded me of the time I wanted a closet built at the back of our little two story when we still lived in Canada. I had Brian’s dad and brother over to take a look (Brian was gone consulting at the time) and they said it couldn’t be done because of the way the joists ran. I’m a stubborn sort and I wanted that closet, so I did what any daughter would do . . . I called my dad. He said sure, no problem. Gotta love that initiative! He cut out a hole in the wall for the closet door (through thick old fashioned lathe and plaster), cut through the joist, and reinforced everything with 2 x 4s. Presto, thank you very much, a closet in the back entry of our little house. I wonder if that house is still standing . . .

Anyway, I digress. Then he said that there was only 14 inches between joists (apparently back in the day a 2 x 4 was actually a 2 x 4). The tube was 1/4 inch too big. Again, by the look on my face, and after much gentle persuasion, he went ahead. And guess what? It fit! HA!

Before installation of solatube.
After installation of solatube.

Today is a cloudy day, but even so, there is so much more light at this end of the kitchen. I’m now inspired to get everything cleaned and prepped for painting. Once that’s done and the weather warms up so I can paint outside, I’ll be sharing my new Craig’s list find. I searched a long time for the right piece to come along and finally it did. Patience is a virtue when shopping Craig’s List!

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