Is Winter Over Yet?

Let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! The holidays were very quiet for us as most of our family is in Canada. We celebrated Christmas day with a delicious ham that Brian made along with all the fixings. We had our traditional Chinese food for New Year’s Eve and were to bed by nine o’clock. How do you know you’re getting old?  LOL!

We can’t complain here in our part of the world. The weather hasn’t been that bad and we haven’t had much snow to make doing chores a winter workout. I have to say though, I’m getting tired of gray, dull days with no sign of the sun. We’ve had a few sunny days here and there, but for the most part, it’s been dull and gray.  Sigh . . .

Life is ambling along with not much to write about. I’ve been working on my Victorian doll house and am almost finished the interior. If you’re interested, you can follow my progress at Teresa Marie’s Dollhouse and Miniatures.

I’ve been doing a bit of interior work on the wonky old farmhouse as well.  I finished the subway tile in the kitchen which turned out really nice.  On my wish list is a farmhouse sink, an island. and new flooring.  That will be down the road.  I’m also thinking of painting the orange oak cabinets, but I’m still on the fence about it.  It’s a lot of work and I don’t know that I’m up for it.  At least not any time soon.

Anyone else have one of these old appliance garage doors?  They are a pain and despite repairing it several times, it still manages to cause havoc.  I’d like to replace it with a cupboard door.  Add it to the list!

We also removed a gun cabinet from the wall in the mud room and after filling it in with drywall, I taped and applied joint compound over it. After a coat of primer I’ll be giving the kitchen a complete paint do-over . . . if I can ever decide on a color.  Once that’s done hubby can fill in and replace the bead board and trim.

In progress . . .

I’ll leave you with a picture of us with our alpacas that a good friend of mine took last fall . . . on a warm sunny day!

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