Fall Nesting

I’ve been waking up to dark, frosty mornings.  Despite the cooler temperatures, I adore this time of year.  Perhaps because I’m a fall.  As the temperatures drop, forcing me inside, I’ve come down with nesting fever.  I’ve begun looking at my home in the fall light and I don’t like what I see.  Cobwebs here and there.  Cluttered and messy closets.  And a kitchen floor that never seems to stay clean (with four dogs and one pig in the house it’s virtually impossible!).  I’m in dire need of inspiration and enthusiasm . . . and I’ve found some.

Firstly there’s Melissa Michael’s book Love the Home You Have.  It’s not a decorating book, but a book on changing your attitude toward your home.  I’m falling in love with our wonky little farmhouse all over again (well, actually I never loved this house . . . do you think it can tell?).  I’m looking for and finding it’s potential.  Sure, it’s not Cassilis Castle (heavy sigh . . .) but it’s our home and it’s safe, cozy and warm.  And it’s crying out for some attention!

And then there’s the decorating book “French Accents” by Anita Joyce.  It’s a delicious book filled with decorating advice and gorgeous pictures.

I’ve found oodles of inspiration, but these two pictures really spoke to me.  The picture on the left is a table with a few items on it.  I have items very similar to those placed here, so I’ll be restyling the buffet table in my dining room.

And what to do with those dark, depressing book shelves in my living room?  Add moldings and paint of course!

From the book by Anita Joyce “French Accents” page 15

From the book by Anita Joyce “French Accents” page 14

My buffet table before . . .

And after . . .

I used a few of Anita’s principles here . . . shop your home and create a shopping list.  I already had the lamp, angel and white pitcher with hydrangeas.  I shopped the garage for the glass conservatory (why was I going to sell it?).  I’ve added a burlap runner to my shopping list.  And since I never really cared for the blue on the doors, I’ll be painting them out the same color as the buffet.

Replacing the smaller items on this buffet with larger ones made the whole vignette feel less cluttered and more dynamic.  I love it!  The bookcases will prove a little more daunting as I have to remove everything, add moldings and paint them out.  That’s down the road once I have more closets cleaned out.  Decluttering feels so good!

Here’s a little teaser on what I’m working on next . . .

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