Lazy Dayz of Summer

It’s been a hot and humid August with little time spent outdoors except for chores and cutting grass.  We’ve hosted several farm tours and are looking forward to the crew from the movie “Scotch Tension” coming back in September to film one final scene before they finish filming and on to production and distribution.  Is that how it works?  Not sure but we’re looking forward to seeing the film.

We had two crias born in June and they are proving to be very delightful.  Lillie June is a cuddle bug and loves the attention that we willing give.  Sadie Rose is a little more shy, but her and Lillie are best buds so at least she sees what is available to her in the way of attention.  I’m sure she’ll come around!

Lillie June born June 30th

Sadie Rose born June 26th

Lillie June with one of our Open Farm Day visitors

I’ve taken on a new dollhouse project that is keeping me busy indoors with air conditioning.  Gotta love air conditioning.  I sold all my dollhouses several years ago when we moved to the farm, but I kept all my miniature furniture, accessories and dolls.  When I cleaned the basement, I came across them and thought I should either sell them or build a new dollhouse.  I decided to build.  You can follow along if you like at Teresa Marie’s Dollhouse and Miniatures.

Wisconsin has experienced some devastating losses in the way of flooding and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.  With more rain in the forecast for today, relief is not coming soon enough.  Stay safe everyone!

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