Humming Along

Summer is humming along and before you know it fall will be here.  We’re getting some much needed rain here today.  It didn’t rain the whole month of July so we’re in sorry need of it.

My bees are doing well and I’ll admit it . . . they cause me a lot of stress.  Every time I go into the hive I feel like I’m doing something wrong.  I’m told that will diminish over time.  I sure hope so.  I checked on them yesterday and they appear to be doing well.  I’ve been feeding them sugar water and pollen patty to be sure they’re getting enough food for building comb and brood rearing.  With the awful spring we had we’re still trying to play catch up.

As I was about to head into the house last night I caught a glimpse of a couple of my girls on the allium in the new landscaping at the front of the house.  They sure are pretty!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Until next time . . .

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