Some Like it Hot

Some like it hot . . . not me.  I prefer temperatures in the 70s and low 80s going into summer.  Here where I live it’s been in the mid to high 90s for over a week.  I just realized yesterday why I’m feeling so sluggish and exhausted.  It’s the heat!  I’m grateful that today it’s cloudy with showers and a temperature of 70.  It feels so good!

Today is going to be a housecleaning day if I can motivate myself, because after putting it off for a few days, my friend is coming tomorrow so we can paint our barn quilts.  Mine is primed with the pattern drawn on ready for paint.  It’s going to look awesome hanging on our barn.  I’m also going to paint a barn quilt for our neighbor.  She’s in the process of picking out her pattern.  Once she sends me her design, I’ll graph it and get to work on it.  I have a goal of creating a barn quilt trail up and down our county road.  How awesome would it be to drive past every homestead displaying a barn quilt?

I discovered my new favorite treat from Costco the other day.  Chocolate covered coconut and almonds.  Yum!  They’re so good in fact, that I’ve made a meal out of them once or twice.  That’s not so good.  It’s been so hot in the house that they were actually melting in the bag, so I put them in the fridge.  The A/C has been on the fritz since the plumber was here last week.  He’s here today to fix it – of course now that the heat wave has passed!

Looks like the chickens have found a spot out of the rain.  Usually they run back to the coop if it’s raining, but I guess they decided to wait it out.

I best get going now and start my housework as I feel my motivation waning.  With it being cloudy and rainy, I’m starting to feel sleepy and crawling under a blanket sounds pretty good.  Deep breath and off I go . . .

Until next time . . .

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