Random Foto Friday

Welcome to Random Foto Friday where I share some of my favorite moments from around the farm this week.  It was an exciting week as I received my first ever package of bees which I installed on Tuesday.  Upon checking on the hive yesterday morning – Day 2 – I saw two bees bringing pollen into the hive!  I was super excited as this was a good sign that all is going well in the hive.  Today I’ll be checking to confirm that the Queen has been released from her cage and has begun laying eggs.

The plumber was here yesterday to move the air conditioner onto the new cement pad that Brian and I made a few weeks ago, but we’re still waiting on the electrician to come and move the generator.  I’m currently annoyed with him . . . ’nuff said.  Come mid June the landscaper and her crew should be here to transform the front of wonky old farmhouse.  I can’t wait!

Bijou thinks we did a good job on that cement pad!

Our neighbor Ross cutting our first hay of the year . . .

Today we’re borrowing our neighbor’s truck (because wonky old farm truck is on it’s last legs) to go into town and load up with building supplies for projects around the farm.  One of them is creating a barn quilt for our barn.  A good friend of mine will be visiting with her supplies as we’re going to create our barn quilts together.  I’m really looking forward to getting this project up on the barn.  Do you know about the Barn Quilt TrailHere’s a map for you to discover barn quilt trails in your state.  And here’s the plan for my barn quilt . . .

Enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Until next time . . .


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