The Scent of Lilacs

I don’t think there’s any other scent that takes me back to my childhood like lilac does.  I remember playing in my neighborhood and at my grandma’s house where the scent of lilac filled the air.  I am and always have been an outsider . . . meaning that I have always preferred being outside than inside.  I’d much rather mow the lawn than cook or do dishes.  Yep, it’s the outsiders life for me!

I’m blessed to have two old lilac trees out front of wonky old farmhouse.  As I came around from the back this morning, the scent of lilac was intoxicating.  I decided to cut some stems and bring them indoors to freshen the house.  They not only smell gorgeous, they look gorgeous!

I’m off outside now to work in the garden, get started on planting some roses and cut the grass . . . again.

Until next time . . .

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