Random Foto Friday

Welcome to Random Foto Friday where I share moments from around the farm this week.  It’s been an exciting week with warm, sunny weather over last weekend and into the earlier part of this week.  Brian and I got a cement pad laid for our electrician to come in and move the A/C unit and generator so that our landscaper can come in and do her magic.  I’m really looking forward to putting a pretty face on this wonky old farmhouse.

Not a beautiful picture . . . but it’s progress!

We also had visitors from the Prairie View Elementary school.  It was a rainy, but wonderful day!

And leaves on the trees magically appeared on Wednesday morning!  I swear one minute they weren’t there and the next they were!  It was truly magical!

These two precious Mourning Doves have made the farm their home.  I hope they stay around.  Did you know, at bird feeders, Mourning Doves are attracted to one of the largest ranges of seed types of any North American bird, with a preference for corn, millet, safflower, and sunflower seeds?  I just filled the feeders yesterday, so I hope they keep their tummies full.  I’m thinking I need to attach my hopper/house feeder to the top of one of the poles on the fence as the Mourning Doves seem to prefer a flat surface (such as the ground) for nibbling.  Of course, now that I really think about it, they’re probably too large for the tube feeders I have out, so this is probably a good idea.

And of course, what duck doesn’t like a big puddle of water?

I leave you with a sleeping piggy in a blanket . . . sounds like a good idea on this chilly, rainy morning.

I hope you enjoyed these moments from around the farm.

Until next time . . .

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