In Full Spring Swing

We’ve been having some beautiful weather which is wonderful for getting things done around the farm.  This past weekend Brian and I laid the cement pad for the air conditioner and generator to sit on.  It was a lot of work and it turned out great.  Next week the electrician will be here (finger’s crossed) to move the A/C and generator, and then the landscaping can begin.  The landscaper will be here on Thursday to finalize the plan.  After three years of living in wonky old farmhouse, she’ll finally have a pretty face!

My garden is coming along as well.  Yesterday I planted two of five blueberry bushes and moved one of the gooseberry bushes over that I had planted a couple of years ago.  I didn’t like where they were located as I had to pull out the hand mower to mow around them.  Nestling them in with the blueberries is a much better place for them.  Today I plan on finishing planting the blueberry bushes and then this weekend I’ll be planting the vegetable garden.  Since the chickens seem to like digging in the fresh garden soil, it looks like a fence is the next item on the to do list.

Next on Brian’s to do list is build rabbit hutches so we can move the rabbits out of the barn for the summer.  We had been moving them out in the morning and settling them back in at night, which is a lot of work.  With the hutches and a fenced in pen, we can scoot them into the hutches and lock them up nice and safe at night.  Then, just open the door in the morning to let them out.  Easy peasy!

We’re hosting two groups of 25 children tomorrow, so I’ll be cutting grass and cleaning up twigs and fallen branches today as well as working in the garden.  There’s never “nothing” to do on a farm.

Until next time . . .

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