May Showers

Last night was filled with lightening flashing through my bedroom windows, thunder and hard rain.  I hardly slept.  It was also very muggy and I would awaken to a quiet night, open the window, get back into bed and fall asleep, only to wake a short time later to get out of bed and close the windows.  I should have just gone downstairs and turned the A/C on low.  Oh well . . .

This morning is gorgeous albeit cloudy.  It stopped raining, it’s warm and the grass has turned a beautiful shade of green.  I’m beginning to believe spring is well on her way to summer.

Yesterday was a day of errands, one of which was a trip to a favorite garden center.  I had planned on buying a couple of climbing roses and some marigolds for the vegetable garden.  However, they didn’t have any marigolds in yet.  They also didn’t have the ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose I was looking for, so I purchased two healthy looking ‘Ramblin’ Red’ roses.  They are a pretty shade of red and should look beautiful on the arbor that Brian will be building at the front of the house to hide the ugly mechanical stuff.

I also revised my vegetable garden plan to include blueberries.  I bought two varieties ‘Peach Sorbet’ that gets to 2-3 feet and ‘Bluecrop’ a Northern Highbush Blueberry that gets to about 5-6 feet.  I’m going to plant a row of them in front of the apple and cherry trees.  I’m already dreaming of berry pies and jellies.

I also bought geraniums, bacopa, euphorbia, sweet potato vine, and dracaena to pot up two planters on either side of the garage.  I’m anxious to get outside this morning and put my hands in the dirt, even if it is just potting soil.  It seems to be clearing off with the sun peeking through, and there’s a slight wind, so I’m hoping by this afternoon it will be dry enough for me to get out in the garden and plant those blueberry bushes and putz around the yard.

Random photo insert . . . R2 has taken to stalking me around the yard.  Let’s just say I have to carry a big stick (also known as a broom).

Our neighbor, who’s a dairy farmer, plowed the right field yesterday.  Call me crazy, but I love a freshly plowed field with black dirt all ready for planting.  Corn will be the crop in this field ready for harvesting come late summer/early fall.  Last year the corn in the left field got well over eight feet.  I’m enjoying the fact that I have fresh corn stalks for fall decorating without having to pay retail prices.  One of the many benefits of farm living.

Another random photo insert . . . just because ducks are so darn cute!

I got word that my package of bees should be arriving around May 15th.  In just a few short weeks I will officially be a beekeeper!  I’m really looking forward to this next adventure here on the farm.

Until next time . . .

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