A Well Planted Pot

I’ve always loved the lush abundance of a well planted pot alive with colorful flowers and vines dripping over the edges.  You see them in greenhouses, often with hefty price tags.  I decided this year to plant up my own pots and only time will tell if I’ve filled them well enough.

I started with a good potting soil and planted one dracaena plant in the middle of each pot, followed by three red geraniums, one euphorbia, one bacopa, and two sweet potato vines.  They look pretty and hopefully they’ll fill in with that lush abundance I’m looking for.  The other thing I need to keep on top of is watering.  This year I’m going to water with liquid fertilizer in the watering can.  These particular plants sit in full sun all day, so watering is imperative.  As is turning them one quarter turn a day to keep them growing in evenly.

I didn’t get to the blueberry bushes although I did give them a good watering.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Until next time . . .


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