Chicken Chat

Now that the weather is finally cooperating with spring, my attention is turning to planning the vegetable garden, landscaping the front of wonky old farmhouse, and ordering more chickens.  This winter took it’s toll on my hens.  I lost three to unknown causes, one to wry neck and a fifth to a hawk yesterday.  The hawk didn’t make off with the chicken, but the damage was done.  I’m getting used to losing chickens, but it sure doesn’t get any easier.  A little piece of my heart breaks off with each one.

Since we’ve been on the farm it’s been a thing to order new chickens in the spring.  This spring is no different.  I’ve ordered five Silver Gray Dorkings and 5 Dominiques.  I like to try out different chickens to keep things interesting.  I tend to order darker chickens because I read somewhere that they’re not as obvious from the sky should an eagle or hawk fly over.  Not sure how true that is considering what happened yesterday, but it helps to think it’s so.

Silver Gray Dorking Hen

Dominique Hen

Our new day old chicks should arrive sometime around the end of May.  In the meantime, I have to get to Home Depot to pick up some new medium size boxes.  Putting three together makes for one spacious and cozy brood nest!

Aside from chickens I’m waiting for word on my bees.  Their expected date of arrival is towards the end of April, beginning of May.  I’m eager to get going.  I’m about “read” out and want to put what I’ve learned into practice.  And one can only watch “hiving a package of bees” on YouTube so many times.  I’m ready for action!

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