Random Foto Friday

Welcome to Random Foto Friday where I share my favorite moments from around the farm this week.  It has been a harrowing week with the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall creating a dire situation for migrating birds, especially Robins, who are unable to forage for worms and insects with the heavy snow cover.  I know caring individuals from all over the state of Wisconsin were taking care of these beautiful harbingers of spring and that many were saved because of their efforts.  Well done!

I feel a poem coming on . . .

Ode to the Robin

Lovely little bird
with your breast aglow with red
you bring along the spring time
as flowers and trees begin their bloom.
You hop and skip along the pavement
when the weather is cool
then turn your favor to the grass
where worms and insects crawl.
And when you’ve had your fill
you fly up and alight on a branch
to sing your melodious tune
into a warm spring day.
Little bird with a bright red breast
you are a welcome sight
to those who have braved
many a cold winter night.
Teresa Martens

Until next time . . .

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