Wild Birds and Robins

I am literally physically and emotionally sick over the dire situation our migratory birds, including Robins, are in.  With the freezing temperatures and snow cover Robins particularly are at risk because they can’t forage for worms and insects.  They are not seed eaters so even if I keep the bird feeders full, it doesn’t help them much.

Today I put out what I had in the house which included frozen berries (warming them first with hot water), cranberries, sunflower seeds, and some flax meal sprinkled around the edges.  I placed it all on cookie sheets and set it out on the driveway.

I called Brian to tell him we needed to head to Fleet Farm tonight for food supplies and he told me that he found a Robin in the goat shed.  I cried.  Just after I hung up I saw a fat little Robin jumping around on the snow in the backyard.  I hoped she’d make it to the front of the house where I had the food laid out.

When Brian got home we headed out to our local Fleet Farm to purchase meal worms and anything else that we thought a Robin might like to eat.  Would you believe that the state of Wisconsin is entirely sold out of meal worms?  I think it’s wonderful that people are feeding and doing what they can, but I think that a state of emergency should be called and that truckloads of meal worms should be shipped in immediately!  I think it’s the least we can do for our state bird!

A friendly Fleet Farm Associate was helpful providing us with information from the local wildlife refuge.  She suggested shredding suet cakes and adding cut up fruit (such as apples, cherries and blueberries) along with cut up raisins and cranberries and putting it all on a white lid on the driveway.  When we got home Brian took care of preparing the Robin food while I went out and refilled all the bird feeders and suet cages.

I’m happy to report that little fat Robin found the food and is happily feasting.  I hope more Robins find the food there and that Robins all over the state are going to bed full tonight.

We are under heavy snowfall now as I write this with it ending sometime tomorrow morning.  Brian tells me this is the last of it and temperatures will continually rise into the 60s by the weekend.  I hope he’s right.

Until next time . . .

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