Happy First Day of Spring!

We’re finally here.  The first day of spring!  It’s a chilly one today with the wind blowing at 6mph from the north.  You wouldn’t think it would make that much difference at that speed, but it does.  Brrrrrr . . .

After breakfast, the chickens congregated in the coop, and the ducks and geese are laying low in the grass with their beaks and legs tucked under their feathers.  Only the alpacas seem to appreciate this weather as they’re all out in the pasture, cushed and chewing their cud.

It seems serendipitous that last night we welcomed two Pekin ducks to our flock.  Our neighbor, a few miles down the road from us, had a small flock of Mallards which included these two Pekins.  Unfortunately, they seemed to like spending their days on the busy county road in front of their house.  Not safe and a worry to their young owner.  He came by late yesterday afternoon to ask if we’d be interested in taking them.  We were a bit reluctant because things are pretty settled and introducing new flock members can be stressful for everyone.  However, we have big hearts and more importantly, we have the room.  Although in case you get any ideas, we’re at capacity now.

So the ducks, which I’ve named George and Gracie, came to live with us last night.  As I was at work, Brian tucked them in the chicken coop, making sure everyone was okay before he turned out the light.  We figured they’d get a better night’s sleep with the chickens rather than throwing them in with the other ducks right away.

I let everyone out of the coop this morning and after a duck shuffle, George and Gracie decided that their new flock mates were going to be the Ancona ducks.  I wish people would get along as well as ducks do.  And so my little flock of 7 white ducks has turned into 9.  Nine is a good number . . . don’t you think?

Until next time . . .

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