Angels Around the Farm

I’m thinking of angels today.  Angels are a part of my life and my work as an Angel Communicator and card reader.  They are always available to help out when I call upon them.  They guided and helped me expand my business.  They guided us to our farm and made the way in extraordinary ways.  They watch over and protect us and our animals.

Although I realized they were with us every step in the process of buying and moving to the farm, it wasn’t until we were actually living on the farm that I realized there were four very large, protective angels stationed at the four corners of our property.  I can feel and sense their presence, standing vigilant, with their protection and love.  You can feel their presence when you visit the farm.  There is a palpable energy here.  One that does not go unnoticed by those visitors who are tuned in to the energy of Universal love.

I know there is a force at work here building, nurturing and growing.  I cannot see into the future, but I know that the Universe has something special planned for this piece of earth.  I listen quietly and I try patiently to let things unfold.  I am becoming attuned to the rhythm of the seasons and weather patterns and the soft voices of angels on the wind.

Angels are ever present, helping out where and when they can.  They are especially appreciated when the cap doesn’t go on the chicken waterer and I’m standing out in the freezing cold and wind fighting to get it on.  Finally, frustrated, I call upon the angels to help me out and sure enough, the next time I try, the cap goes on easily.  Shaking my head and smiling (and sometimes wiping away a tear or two) I thank them for their unwavering service.

This spring and summer I’ll be depending and calling upon my angels frequently as I embark on beekeeping (little winged angels themselves), gardening and caring for our farm and the creatures who live on it.  It’s not always easy, but I know I always have the help and support of my angels whenever I remember to call upon them.  They are ever vigilant and always, always ready to lend a hand.

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