Time and Waiting on Spring

Have you sprung your clocks ahead?  Today we set our clocks one hour ahead to presumably save on daylight hours.  I’ve never understood this concept.  I think we should follow Florida’s lead and just leave time alone.  Nature doesn’t follow a clock.  It knows what’s what in the grand scheme of things.

Spring is only 9 days away and I find myself dreaming of a beautiful vegetable garden, picking cherries off the trees, and landscaping the front of wonky old farmhouse.  We’re waiting on the arrival of two new cria (baby alpacas) sometime in June if all has gone well, and 5 – day old Silver Gray Dorking chicks.  I’m excited to get my beehive set up and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of 3,000 bees, give or take, in April.  Then there’s spring cleaning around the farm and in the chicken coop and barns.

It’s a time of new beginnings, growth, renewal, and lifted spirits.  Time to shed the layers of heavy winter clothing and bring out lighter wear.  Time to take a deep breath, shake  off the cold and move enthusiastically into the warmer weather that comes with spring and summer.

Spring is Come

Spring is just around the corner,
with her sunny days and warmer weather.
She brings blessings of warmth, new birth and renewal.
She casts away the gray and replaces it with sunlit beams
of white, yellow and gold.
She brings green grass, spring flowers and the bright
yellow of dandelions amongst which busy bees fly.
With a touch of her hand, she releases spring waters
for geese and ducks to play.
And as she wields her magick on the first day of spring,
a collective sigh is heard as those of us who have labored
under the depths of winter’s cold
rejoice in the warmth of sunlit days.
~ Teresa Martens ~

Wishing you sunny, warm days and all the blessings that the spring season brings.

Until next time . . .

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