5 Reasons Why I Love Chickens

There are as many reasons to love chickens as there are chicken breeds.  Here are my top five reasons for loving chickens . . .

1.  They lay eggs!  There are breeds that lay colored eggs in blues and greens that make the egg basket especially appealing.

2.  They’re good at keeping bugs at bay, especially ticks.

3.  They’re easy to keep.

4.  They provide countless hours of entertainment.

5.  They’re hysterical!

It’s easy to keep chickens and most cities and towns allow you to keep hens – no roosters though.  They require good housing for protection from the weather and predators, and a comfortable place to roost at night.  Fresh water, a layer pellet made especially for chickens, and oyster shell for strong egg shells.  They also appreciate treats like scratch and veggies, especially in the winter.  They can also appreciate your company.  Mine love to supervise clean up time and often jump into a nest right after it’s been filled with fresh hay.

Having chickens is a big responsibility, but it’s also filled with fun, laughter and joy . . . not to mention farm fresh eggs.

Until next time . . .

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