A Quilt Stitched in Time

I was getting ready to head outside to do chores this morning when I noticed the sun streaming in through the windows.  I love this time of day.  When everything is new and the day is full of possibility.  I was admiring the way the sun was settling on some of the items at the back entry when I noticed my Prairie quilt hanging ever so stoically.  And then it all came back to me . . .

How it took over 10 years to complete the blocks.  How a master quilting friend invited me for a quilting weekend to finish it.  How that same friend did the free form quilting for me.  How she helped me even up my wonky squares by adding stuffing to some of the blocks (the maple leaf and spruce trees).  How I hand appliqued and hand monogrammed.  How frustration and years of apathy quickly turned into love when the quilt was finished.  How grateful I was for my friend and her husband who built a quilt hanger for it.  How it reminds me of home.

8 Pointed Star representing the Northern Star.

Sunrise and Flying Geese.

Monogrammed “M” for our last name.

Log Cabin.

Grain Elevators and appliqued Cattails.

Maple Leaf (I’ll be painting a barn quilt of a maple leaf this summer.)

Sometimes we take the things in our homes for granted.  It’s easy to overlook those things we truly love when they’re surrounded by clutter or have weeks of dust layered on them.  As I go through my home making over each room by decluttering, organizing and cleaning, I come to appreciate and am grateful for what I have.  I realize that this isn’t just about having a clean, organized home.  It’s about living in a home where I feel safe, nurtured and inspired to live my best life.  And it’s about sharing my home with the family and friends I love.

Look around your home today.  What inspires you to live your best life?

Until next time . . .


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