Organization Feels So Good

Do you have dresser draws overflowing with T-shirts, sweat pants and shorts, to name but a few of the items that get tossed into drawers never to be seen again?  Do the ones you where sit at the top of the pile while the ones you don’t wear get crushed at the bottom of the drawer?  Such was the case with one of my dressers.

After reading  Real Life Organizing by Cassandra Aarssen I was inspired to spread my lady bug wings and tackle one dresser at a time.  I went militia in each drawer intent on throwing out at least 21 items including those that were beyond repair, stained or that I simply didn’t want or wear anymore.

Then I organized each drawer according to its wearability.  All T-shirts went together and then were separated into public wear (those that can be seen in public) and farm wear (those that should not be seen in public).  I also organized sweaters, sweat pants and shorts in the same way.

This whole process took less than an hour.  I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and I was inspired to move into my bedroom space.  I took out the mismatched night stands and moved in the new ones I found on Craig’s List over a month ago.  After the sheets and pillows were laundered, I remade my bed with the new comforter set I purchased from JCPenney – on sale!  I styled the night stands with some of my favorite things.  Then I stood back and admired my clean, organized bedroom.

Looking at the pictures I realize how flat my bed looks.  It doesn’t have that plumped up look and feeling I like so much.  So, I’m going to add a fluffy duvet to my wish list and layer it under the comforter.  I’ll also be adding the decorator cushions as I can afford them.  One can never have enough pillows!

Totally inspired now, I’ll be moving through the house decluttering, organizing and cleaning.  This is a process.  It won’t happen overnight.  And there’s that kitchen makeover calling my name.

Until next time . . .

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