Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Even on a cloudy day one can appreciate that the sun is still up there shining it’s warmth and light on the earth.  I’m like a tulip that puts herself to bed in the waning daylight hours, reawakening at morning’s first light.  As with most of you, I feel my best and most energetic when the sun is shining.

I wrote the following poem in 2012 after a long walk in a nature conservancy with my dogs.  It’s always amazing to me that my poems seem better after they’ve had time to age . . . out of the light.

The Morning Sun

The Sun rose bright this morning
Making its ascent into a clear blue sky
Rising up through the trees
Casting its glow making everything shine
It doesn’t require a switch or a clap
It comes of its own accord
Casting light into dark places
Waking us from our slumber
To begin a new day
Full of possibility and hope
Traveling across the sky
It brings light, life and warmth
And at the end of the day it falls behind
The curve of the Earth
Making its way ’round
Sure to rise again

~ Teresa Martens ~


Until next time . . .

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