Reading by the Fire

Ahhhh . . . Sunday.  While I still have to be up early to do chores, which I’m sure my chickens, ducks and geese appreciate, it’s still a day to do whatever I feel like doing.  I’m sitting by a roaring fire this morning (thanks to my expert fire builder husband) reading through books on homesteading, decluttering and cleaning.  After 30 plus years of cleaning and organizing my own home, quite frankly, I’m tired of it.  So wonky house has suffered miserably while I do just the basics.  I need inspiration!



I picked up several books from the library (I work there don’t ya know) and am being inspired by the information and gorgeous pictures of well organized, clean, simplified rooms.  Where do you find your inspiration?  I realized some time ago that I wasn’t just impressed by the things in the rooms of the magazines that I perused, it was that they were well organized and clean.  Not a cobweb to be found.



So I’m on a mission to declutter and simplify, organize and deep clean.  I’m setting up a schedule (like the one in the picture shown below) that will work for me.  I’m going to manage this one day at a time so that overwhelm doesn’t set in.  My focus will be the living room since I’m going to be painting in here over the next few weeks.  A perfect opportunity to clear out those bookcases and keep only what I truly love.


My Routine Maintenance Schedule (below), which I think would be more inspiring on pretty paper.  Note to self for next shopping trip.  I’m also going to find a pretty frame and magnets and put it up on the refrigerator.  If left on a shelf or in a folder, the chances of success diminish considerably.  I need to see it every day to keep on track!

routine maintenace schedule

With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling a spring in my step and a fresh attitude towards this wonky old farmhouse.  I’m putting the sweet back in Home Sweet Home.


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  1. Ashley English’s book is great – I have it as well! If you’re not already familiar with her, she’s also got a great blog which while she’s not posted for a while has a TON of great resources, pictures, ideas, etc.

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