Turning an old Farmhouse into a Home

I can’t believe how time flies!  We’ve been on the farm almost three years.  It feels like yesterday.  Since the move we’ve adopted alpacas, a livestock guardian dog named Loki, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, cats, and another dog, a Pomeranian named Casey.  One by one the fish have died over the course of the last three years and instead of buying more fish we decided it was the end of our aquarium days.  One less thing . . .

We’ve adapted well to our new routine of am and pm chores.  I’m not much of a morning person, but having animals to feed, water and clean up after is great incentive.  Everyone has adjusted and settled in well.  With everything there is to do on the animal side of things, the wonky house has suffered.  I’m still trying to work out a house cleaning routine, but by the time I get back in after chores I’m zonkered.

We’ve had some renovations done on the wonky house including some new windows, doors and a pantry thanks to our terrific contractor.  Below is the installation of the new kitchen window from start to finish.

The master bedroom got a new window as well.  I didn’t get a picture of the interior window, but you can see how small it was in the first picture.  See the guys carrying our headboard up the ladder?  We had to live with our bedroom furniture in the living room for a few months while renos were going on.  We couldn’t get it up the tight staircase!  The guys were nice enough to haul up the headboard, mattresses and a dresser which, lucky for us, fit through the new window opening.

The living room got a new window as well.  It was quite a job.  The guys had to rip apart most of the wall because of water damage and rot.  There’s no way to plan for these unforeseen repairs in an old house . . . you just have to roll with it.

We also had an antique stained glass window installed at the top of the stairs.  It replaced an old, non-working air conditioner.  That wallpaper is now gone!

We’ve had a few doors replaced as well including the front door, the laundry room door, two man doors on the garage, and had a bedroom door installed where there wasn’t one.  As much as I like windows and doors, my favorite addition was a pantry in the kitchen/back entry.

Our contractor, Ray, was able to match the trim stain perfectly.  He’s a master!

I’m looking forward to spring and summer as I have plans for a front garden and a new improved vegetable garden.  I also have to remember to cover my cherry trees as the birds ate all the cherries last year!  Until next time . . .


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