Welcome to Our Farm


Welcome friends . . . I’m so glad you stopped by!

Let’s see . . . where to start? Oh yes, at the beginning of the adventure that brought us (my husband, Brian, and I) to the farm.

It all started with five alpacas that we purchased in January of 2015. At the time, we thought we’d board our alpacas for a year or two until we found the perfect farm. It didn’t take that long! Sitting on the couch one evening, I came across this farm on an internet real estate site. Brian had said don’t even bother looking (he knows me so well), but as he came up from the basement and sat beside me, he told me how he had found the same farm. Hey! I thought we weren’t supposed to be looking?! Serendipity?

In February, during a snow blizzard, we traveled from the small town we were living in to the farm to have a look see. Well, we fell in love with the place. I wasn’t too thrilled about the house though. It had wonky floors (all slanting towards the back of the house), a narrow/steep staircase (typical of old farmhouses), a fireplace that looked so out of place, small windows, and other features that I wasn’t too thrilled about. On the upside? The property itself was amazing! It had everything we needed and then some.

So, overlooking the wonky house, we dove in and placed an offer hoping our current house would sell. We were aghast when it took only seven weeks to sell our house in a town where it wasn’t uncommon for it to take at least a year (as in our neighbor’s case). We had two weeks to move. The pressure was on . . .

Fast forward two weeks and we’d managed to pack up and move our house, garage, three dogs, three parrots, and five aquariums – not without much effort. I still don’t know how we managed it.

And so we moved into the wonky house.

I hope you’ll visit often as I share with you the joy of farm living.


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