The Scent of Lilacs

I don’t think there’s any other scent that takes me back to my childhood like lilac does.  I remember playing in my neighborhood and at my grandma’s house where the scent of lilac filled the air.  I am and always have been an outsider . . . meaning that I have always preferred being outside than inside.  I’d much rather mow the lawn than cook or do dishes.  Yep, it’s the outsiders life for me!

I’m blessed to have two old lilac trees out front of wonky old farmhouse.  As I came around from the back this morning, the scent of lilac was intoxicating.  I decided to cut some stems and bring them indoors to freshen the house.  They not only smell gorgeous, they look gorgeous!

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My Bees Have Arrived!

It’s an exciting day on the farm as I picked up and hived my first ever package of bees!  Moving methodically and with care, it was a surprisingly easy task.  All those sleepless nights were for naught.  If you’ve taken a class or watched umpteen bee installation or hiving videos on YouTube, rest assured that you can do it.

Here’s a little video I made of my first ever installation of a package of bees.


Until next time . . .

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Random Foto Friday

Welcome to Random Foto Friday where I share moments from around the farm this week.  It’s been an exciting week with warm, sunny weather over last weekend and into the earlier part of this week.  Brian and I got a cement pad laid for our electrician to come in and move the A/C unit and generator so that our landscaper can come in and do her magic.  I’m really looking forward to putting a pretty face on this wonky old farmhouse.

Not a beautiful picture . . . but it’s progress!

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Farm Visitors

We were privileged to host Prairie View Elementary School yesterday.  It was a chilly, rainy day, but everyone enjoyed themselves anyway.  We hosted two tours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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In Full Spring Swing

We’ve been having some beautiful weather which is wonderful for getting things done around the farm.  This past weekend Brian and I laid the cement pad for the air conditioner and generator to sit on.  It was a lot of work and it turned out great.  Next week the electrician will be here (finger’s crossed) to move the A/C and generator, and then the landscaping can begin.  The landscaper will be here on Thursday to finalize the plan.  After three years of living in wonky old farmhouse, she’ll finally have a pretty face!

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A Well Planted Pot

I’ve always loved the lush abundance of a well planted pot alive with colorful flowers and vines dripping over the edges.  You see them in greenhouses, often with hefty price tags.  I decided this year to plant up my own pots and only time will tell if I’ve filled them well enough.

I started with a good potting soil and planted one dracaena plant in the middle of each pot, followed by three red geraniums, one euphorbia, one bacopa, and two sweet potato vines.  They look pretty and hopefully they’ll fill in with that lush abundance I’m looking for.  The other thing I need to keep on top of is watering.  This year I’m going to water with liquid fertilizer in the watering can.  These particular plants sit in full sun all day, so watering is imperative.  As is turning them one quarter turn a day to keep them growing in evenly.

I didn’t get to the blueberry bushes although I did give them a good watering.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Until next time . . .


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May Showers

Last night was filled with lightening flashing through my bedroom windows, thunder and hard rain.  I hardly slept.  It was also very muggy and I would awaken to a quiet night, open the window, get back into bed and fall asleep, only to wake a short time later to get out of bed and close the windows.  I should have just gone downstairs and turned the A/C on low.  Oh well . . .

This morning is gorgeous albeit cloudy.  It stopped raining, it’s warm and the grass has turned a beautiful shade of green.  I’m beginning to believe spring is well on her way to summer.

Yesterday was a day of errands, one of which was a trip to a favorite garden center.  I had planned on buying a couple of climbing roses and some marigolds for the vegetable garden.  However, they didn’t have any marigolds in yet.  They also didn’t have the ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose I was looking for, so I purchased two healthy looking ‘Ramblin’ Red’ roses.  They are a pretty shade of red and should look beautiful on the arbor that Brian will be building at the front of the house to hide the ugly mechanical stuff.

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Random Foto Friday

Welcome to Random Foto Friday where I share my favorite moments from around the farm this week.  Today’s post is a day late as yesterday was shearing day for our alpacas.  Thanks to Pete and his team from Top Knot Shearing for their great work.  Our friend Greg and his son, Max, were out to help and while they were here they helped Brian prepare the vegetable garden for planting.  Hope you enjoy these moments from the farm this week!

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Two Men and a Rototiller

I’m so grateful for my husband, Brian, and our friend Greg who used pick ax, shovel and rototiller to prepare my garden for this year’s vegetable bonanza.  Remember what it looked like before?

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Planning the Vegetable Garden

Now that the weather has seemingly straightened itself out, I’m in vegetable garden planning mode.  Most years I fly by the seat of my pants, but this year I wanted to make sure I got in everything for yummy summer salads with enough to feed our chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and goats.  Everyone gets fresh vegetables at breakfast time and this year I’m determined that it’s all going to come from my very own garden.

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